You know you have him. You know he is all yours now.

He began sloppy and forgetful of the rules, but slowly began to take them on, and own your rules. No pubes. Caged cock. Only prostate orgasms. No using his soft hands during training sessions.

Yet after all this, your boi couldn’t resist caressing your finger, for just a moment. That caress means, “I’m yours.”

"Do what you want…I just want to touch you…remind you I’m here…remind you of my devotion."

He is imprinted. He is yours. Don’t take that responsibility lightly.

I’m not! I’m taking this responsibility with all my heart and soul.

For greatness is not given, it is earned. A Dominant Man’s first responsibility is to be a Man. Second to that, he allows his true Dominant spirit to come out.  





2 super beautiful boys, perfect feet, hot moaning and a thick uncut cock MMMMMM

You know this whole scene was just so he could suck on his feet

Usually not into feet, but that was really hot